Encounters on the Frontier’ | Mohsin Shafi, Pakistan and Andrew Purchin, USA.

The Internet is our "wild wild west" these days , and the true frontier is our fear of intimacy ~AndSin


‘Encounters on the Frontier’ is a politically charged and intellectually fiery cultural collaborative project by Mohsin Shafi, Pakistan and Andrew Purchin, USA. Through the cadences of their voices and the gestures of their visuals, the pair initiated a collaborative creative relationship, that contrasts the conflicts between their cultures and states. Using videos, painting, collages, installation and performance these geographically, religiously and culturally opposed individuals are searching for the antidote to the growing absurdity in our societies and its ideologies.


Mohsin Shafi, Pakistan and Andrew Purchin, USA met by chance in 2011 in the digital cloud. The project is the offline work of a collaborative online project that is going on from five years now. In 2014 the duo created an exhibit in Lahore, Pakistan which was entitled, Encounters on the Frontier / vol:i Wild Wild East West. In 2015 with the spin of the globe, the world turned upside down and both artists exhibited Encounters on the Frontier / vol:2 Upside Downland in Santa Cruz, United States of America.


Through this ongoing project, both Artists raise questions like: What happens when the indigenous and the foreign come together on this new frontier?

Everybody knows that we are right-side up and they are upside down.  Or is it the other way around?

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